Beautiful Silk

Generally speaking, the relationship between a dancer and her veil changes over the years.  Maybe she can initially be content with the beaded polyester fabric that comes with the costume.  Then, there may be a graduation to a lighter weight silk blend.  Over time, she may develop a preference for 8 momme silk over 5 mm and have them custom dyed to match a costume.  Well, if this latter dancer wants a veil to suit her refined tastes, she needs to order from Shaula of

Two of my recent costume purchases included small amounts of brown.  One is primarily sea green, and the other a pink-ish snake-skin with brown accents.  The stones in the snake-skin costume reflect high amounts of teal which got me thinking about the ideal color combination that would perfectly highlight both costumes.  Since no such veil existed, I contacted Shaula.  I asked for a rectangular veil that was primarily brown with teal/sea green accents in the style of her “midnight magic” veil.  She agreed and when it was completed, here was the response I received from her:

Dear Tava,

Since you had mentioned both sea-foam green and teal, where the brown ends, I mixed a light sea-foam to a teal. I custom blended a rich brown to compliment the cool colors. Where the brown and sea-foam colors meet, there are many “fingers” reaching into each color just as on the Midnight Magic veil. . . I tried to use my impressions of you while working on the proportions and blending of the colors. For lack of a better word, I try very hard to make each custom piece really “fit” the personality of the dancer.

I was beyond anxious to try it out after reading all the time and care that went into its creation.  The day it arrived, my dog knocked over the garbage and made “garbage confetti” which took all night to clean.   Delayed gratification, I suppose.  I brought it to class the next day where I taught a choreography to Miserlou.  The veil “sang” perfectly.  There was no bulky hem to weigh it down and the colors were truly vivid.  Furthermore, because of the steaming process that silkdancer uses, it is safe to dry clean the veil if necessary.   I performed with it at Grisly Pear this past Sunday to the song Gezloren which Scott Wilson sang so beautifully.  Between the floating silk and the music, it was one of those “pinch me” moments full of gratitude and appreciation for being able to dance.  I believe there were cameras snapping photos  during the show so when I track one down, I will post to this blog.  In the meantime, for more about Silkdancer, visit the website:  Happy silk = happy dancer.

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