11 Tips for Better Bellydance Practice

1. Divide your time between technique drills and improvisation.

2. Practice to a range of music styles (taqsim, drum solos, pop, baladi, etc.).

3. Record yourself and watch to help identify progress/areas of weakness over time.

warming up before a music video shoot photo by Francine Grillo

warming up before a music video shoot
photo by Francine Grillo

4. Give yourself a weekly theme such as graceful arms, accents, abdominal work, folkloric, etc.

5. Involve your face as much as possible (aka – don’t have “practice face” on the whole time – include emotional connection to music).

6. Watch your favorite dancers for inspiration right before you dance.  Think of a quality you’d like to try and emulate in your own way.

7. Don’t try to “copy” your favorite dancers.  Allow space for you to develop your own style.

8. Pay attention to your body immediate after practicing.  Are there areas of tension or soreness or do you feel great throughout your body.

9. Once in a while, practice in costume as a treat.  You won’t even realize how much “special sauce” you can add to your dancing when you feel great about what you’re wearing.

10. Don’t go it alone!  Daily or close to daily practice is a companion to your weekly classes.

Tava teaches balancing drills at Work It Dance & Fitness

11. Protect your feet!  Dancing on a hard non-sprung floor?  Choose appropriate footwear.

Happy Practicing!


Tava teaches bellydance classes in Fairfield County, CT with occasional workshops in NY.  For information on classes, private lessons, or workshops, visit www.BellydancebyTava.com

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