Too Busy Dancing

Every week I have a great idea for a blog post and then fall short on time to write it.  Exciting things are happening and I am so honored to be a part of events that honor our dance from workshops to galas and cultural events.  Here is a highlight reel:

The amazing workshops and Gala show for Assala Ibrahim.  Tremendous thanks to Uza and her team for bring Assala here because I am now completely hooked on this style. What good is being a dancer when we lose the value of learning?


photo by Uza and Saif


A teaser cel phone shot from the Gala show at DROM (NYC)

I also have the honor to bring my mentor Andrea back to CT for a workshop on Persian styling.


Lastly, I am preparing for two community events.  One in CT – a Gala for Nourhan Sharif that features performances from the professional dancers in CT (sponsored by Kelvia) -tickets available here:

and Nahara’s Springtime Hafla which will feature professional and student dancers from Westchester and CT.  Tickets available here:

It’s also a great time with rehearsals diving into projects for the Theatrical Bellydance Conference.

Regular blog posts to resume shortly.  I promise!

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