Drawing Inspiration from Other Artists – My Brunch with AnnaLisa Ewald

Nine years ago, I made a huge life change and left my home in NYC. It was a huge risk and I wondered if “the burbs” could satisfy my need for an artistic life.  I wasn’t sure if I would stick out like a sore thumb or settle into a community. My husband and I bit the bullet and moved into a building that had enough character to make the transition easier. The brick walls and loft space reminded us of Brooklyn and we occasionally heard a neighbor playing guitar, drumming, or blasting decent music (ahh such comforts)!

AnnaLisa Ewald

AnnaLisa Ewald

One such neighbor was classical guitar guru AnnaLisa Ewald. We would wave and exchange knowing nods at each other in the parking lot heading to gigs – she carrying a guitar case and looking very elegant – me with heavier makeup and lots of glitter.  Over time, our conversations became deeper, we attended each others performances, and a mutual respect was born. Today’s brunch, much like our last brunch, included a lot of heavy nodding and phrases like “Yes, I deal with that too!” Two artists who deal with issues of art vs. commerce, who have to figure out the extent to which we’re willing to compromise, and have an inherent need to stay inspired…at all costs. It is always validating and the exchange of ideas lights up my brain. It is very satisfying to pick my head up out of the bellydance world where I live 99.9% of the time and look at things from a broader perspective. I cannot do this on my own because I rely on this immersion into my dance world.

AnnaLisa is the real deal. She is one of those genuine artists who has the ideal balance of knowledge, integrity, and skill. Listening to her talk about ancient music and the maple neck of her new guitar; it is clear she is not going to be content playing pop songs. Like me, she drives far and wide to perform at weddings and prestigious shows – but she will drive even farther to collaborate and learn from the artists she admires.

Tava performing a baladi at Drom (NYC)

Tava performing a baladi at Drom (NYC)

Sometimes it is hard to introduce an art form that has deep cultural roots and loads of history to a population that isn’t familiar with it. Cultivating opportunities to share an artistic passion in this area is a way of planting seeds and growing a student base, nurturing a love of art and enriching the community – but it takes persistent hard work. And sometimes, the hard work seems extra hard. Seeking the company of other artists is always worth it and I think it’s just as important as physical cross training. These brunches feed me in more ways than one and I’m grateful for them. To learn more about AnnaLisa, visit her website: http://annalisaewald.com/ *******************************************************

Tava is a professional bellydancer in NYC and CT.  She performs regularly for all family friendly events, galas, weddings and corporate events.  Tava also performs in creative/theatrical endeavors and enjoys her balance of commercial and artistic fulfillment.  To learn more about classes in Fairfield County, CT or to inquire about hosting Tava for a workshop, please visit: BellydancebyTava.com

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