About Tava (Bellydancer in CT and NY)

Tava regularly adds elegance and entertainment to events such as weddings, galas, cultural celebrations and corporate events in Connecticut, New York City and beyond.  As a performer, instructor and choreographer, she teaches weekly classes in Norwalk and Westport, with occasional workshops in  NY.  Known for her dynamic finger cymbal playing, musicality and soulful style, she is one of the most sought-after bellydancers in the tri-state area.  Occasionally, Tava will travel for performances and workshops so feel free to contact her for more info via her website www.BellydancebyTava.com

Tava is a lifelong dancer who began studying bellydance in 2000.  In addition to teaching, performing and mentoring, she enjoys using the dance as a tool for improving body image in women and girls. With a deep respect and appreciation for the roots of the dance, Tava is dedicated to lifelong training and sharing the cultural aspects of the dance with her students.  Tava is not available to perform in any setting that involves an all-male audience.   *Solo, duet and group performances available and live musicians upon request.

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Locally, Tava holds occasional workshops in Wilton, Stamford, Greenwich, Fairfield, Ridgefield (CT), and Manhattan, Westchester and Queens (NY).

CT and NYC Bellydancer Tava

CT and NYC Bellydancer Tava

Tava and NYC Bellydancer Sira

Tava and NYC Bellydancer Sira

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